Talisman Bill Processing

Our clients conservatively estimate that the save between 3% - 5% of their overall telecoms spend by using TALISMAN to process their billing

TALISMAN interfaces directly with BT OneBill and similar media billing from over 30 fixed and mobile providers including BT, Vodafone, 02, TalkTalk and EE

While we aim to eliminate manual processes, details from non-compliant billing can be copied using the powerful ‘Talisman Spreadsheet’. Paper billing can be entered manually


The system works as follows. A bill presented to TALISMAN is checked for its overall integrity.

The billing for each line is checked against previous bills to ensure no overlap and against the record held for that line, maintaining tariff expectations for the billed period.

TALISMAN trawls through bills – for some of our clients, containing charges for thousands of lines, producing three reports based on those bills which are:

  • acceptable for payment
  • valid, but charges fall outside of expectation
  • in error and the reasons why

giving the opportunity to deal with those charges which need further investigation and resolution.


Next, upon acceptance of a bill, TALISMAN allocates charges to the organisation's charge codes for reporting to your payments system and to advise cost-centre managers.

A record of historic charges is available through a set of financial reports which can be presented on paper or exported to Excel or other systems.

TALISMAN handles inventory and billing for the range of BT and non-BT offerings, incorporating switched and non-switched services, broadband connections, mobile phones and a broad range of communications services.

So long as it is billed under a unique number, it can be entered on and processed by TALISMAN!