Talisman Overview

TALISMAN is the market-leading solution for data management of an organisation's telecommunications services and validation of billing

The system enables all personnel involved in telecoms - engineers, planners, finance and administrators to work with a single source of information for exchange lines, private circuits, mobiles, specialised voice and data services and extensions.

TALISMAN interfaces directly with media billing supplied by a host of UK providers. TALISMAN compares each billed item with known or predicted charges together with previous billing to report by exception on issues requiring investigation before authorisation is made.

TALISMAN allocates individual charges to assigned cost centres and reports to the organisation’s General Ledger (GL) system with apportionment.


  • TALISMAN also originates and tracks orders, generate on-line and printed directory and produce a wide range of inventory, ownership and financial reports
  • TALISMAN operates in a Microsoft Windows environment for multiple users within a corporate network
  • TALISMAN customers include major commercial, financial and government organisations. Our high level of commitment ensures that their ongoing needs are satisfied and that TALISMAN continues to maintain its market-leading place in an ever-changing telecoms world.