Talisman Line Data

Each line is categorised as one of several specific types, e.g. exchange line, private circuit, mobile or extension

For each line, allied information is held within the database. This includes supplier, user department, cost-centre and ‘owning’ staff member, location details, configuration and terminating equipment. 

A few clicks identifies total services associated with a staff member, billing history and 'linked' lines (associated with each other) for allied purpose.

An audit trail is maintained which chronicles the history of changes to the record, including initiator and time/date stamp.

A ‘Filter’ facility provides flexible access to a subset of those lines which meet a common criteria, eg a specific service type or assigned to a cost-centre range.

TALISMAN also holds details of cabling and patching which is beneficial in fault resolution and planning relocations.

An Exchange Line Record

an exchange line record

An Exchange Line Record

a private circuit record

Cell Phone

a cellphone record