The Talisman Approach

TALISMAN SOFTWARE is a small company, satisfying the needs of large organisations

We have attracted many prestigious commercial organisations and public bodies and to our client list. We are driven forward by our clients, and by the philosophy that our clients support us only as much as we support them

The key to our success has been our approach to customer service. We make the successful implementation and support of our software our number-one priority, working with our clients in a professional manner with minimal call on their resources.

Upon receipt of your instructions, we will

  • meet with you to set out a timetable covering all activities and to agree technical and contractual issues
  • discuss any adaptations and customisation of the software
  • liaise with telecoms, computing and finance staff ensuring that we meet with all your requirements.

Before installation we will collate your inventory and billing data together with other relevant information and populate TALISMAN. In liaison with your company’s technical staff, we will install TALISMAN onto your network, link to allied systems and train the users. This training is directed at the specific function of individual staff. User guides and manuals are provided.

After an appropriate period of using TALISMAN, we wish to meet with you again for a post-installation review, to ensure you are making the most of the benefits TALISMAN will bring to your organisation.

The TALISMAN annual support contract provides a framework for us to resolve any further queries by telephone and visits, respond to your organisations needs to change and update your system with new releases.